Making Money as a High School Student

If you are a High School student with loads of homework every night and don’t have enough time to get a job after the school day or you might just want some extra cash, you should read this!

How to:

  • Go to a local Dollar Store, Garage Sale, or Thrift Shop and purchase 10-15 items that you think have more value than what you purchased them for. It could be a Toy, T-shirt, book etc.
  • Bring your items home, get on eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist and put your items you just bought, for sale.
  • For Instance, if you bought an item for $3.00 and sold it for $10.00 online, you just made $7.00 in profit. imagine if you made the same profit on all 15 items. That’s an easy $105 if you ask me.
  • You don’t think anyone will actually buy those items online? In 2017, eBay has     169 million users. Try it out!